Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheFriendMail?

TheFriendMail connects you to Facebook using email. You can use any email address to update your Facebook status, post on a friend's wall, share photos, receive your news feed, and even "like" and comment on posts. TheFriendMail has the best email notifications for Facebook and can help you keep up with your friends by automatically sending your news feed and alerts for birthdays. You can even manage Facebook pages from your inbox by receiving comment notifications and using email to post new content on your wall. It's like having a full-featured Facebook app built into your email inbox. Sign up now for free!

Why use TheFriendMail?

TheFriendMail is the most convenient way to stay connected with Facebook everywhere you have access to email. You no longer need to constantly visit a website or refresh a mobile app in order to keep up with your friends.
  • Share news, links, and photos by simply sending email
  • Lookup your friends' profiles and post on their walls using email
  • Get rich email notifications for new wall posts, comments, and other activity
  • Receive automatic reminders for birthdays
  • Automatically get your news feed in your email according to your own schedule
  • "Like" and comment directly from your inbox!
TheFriendMail works entirely over email and is especially optimized for email-capable mobile phones. There is no software to download or "secret" email addresses to remember. It's blazing fast. And you can sign up completely free.

How do I use TheFriendMail?

Start by telling TheFriendMail what email address you want to associate with your Facebook identity. You can then use your email address to send and receive information from Facebook. For example, you can update your status by sending an email to and post on a friend's wall by sending an email to You can request your news feed by sending an email to and lookup a friend's profile by sending an email to TheFriendMail knows who you are based on the "from" address of your emails. You can also create alerts in order to automatically receive your news feed, notifications for comments and likes, and birthday reminders. It takes less than 30 seconds to setup!

What is the beta period?

TheFriendMail is a brand-new service and we are eager for people to try it out and give us feedback. During this time there might be a few kinks but we'll do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible. You might also see some significant changes and enhancements to the service as we learn from users like you. The beta period is expected to last several weeks and participation in the beta is entirely free. In the future, we might introduces subscription plans for certain aspects of the service. If so, we'll be sure to thank our beta users with an exclusive discount.

Is it safe?

Yes. TheFriendMail utilizes a feature we call "sender verification" to ensure that emails "from" you are truly coming from your email account. This features relies on common email authentication protocols and works with most email providers. By default, TheFriendMail will reject any email that fails verification. You also have the option of disabling verification in the rare situation that your email provider does not support this feature. In that case, the best protection is to send your emails from an email address that is not known by someone who might try to forge your emails. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will not share your personal information with anyone else.

Which email clients and providers do you support?

TheFriendMail is designed to work with all email clients and providers. We have tested TheFriendMail using Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. If you have trouble viewing our emails in your email client, please let us know by posting on our support forum. Please also let us know if have trouble sending or receiving emails through another email provider.

Which languages do you support?

TheFriendMail website and emails are currently in English but are designed to support content in all international languages including (but not limited to) Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Russian, and Hindi. Just make sure your email client is configured to use "UTF-8" character encoding.

Sender verification failed for my custom domain. How do I fix this?

This usually happens because you have not published a valid SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for your custom domain. If you are using Google Apps or the Gmail "send as" feature, you can fix this by following these instructions for publishing an SPF record. It is easy to find similar instructions for creating an SPF record if you manage your domain name using another hosting service.

I have a problem / found a bug / would like a feature / etc...

Sure thing! Check out our Facebook page, visit our support forum, or contact @TheFriendMail on Twitter. We love to hear your feedback!


TheFriendMail was created by Anil Chawla and is a product of ExactByte, LLC. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.
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