The Ultimate Email Solution for Facebook®

TheFriendMail turns your email inbox into a powerful and convenient Facebook app
A Facebook app that works entirely over email
  • Email status updates, links, and photos
  • Post on your friends' walls
  • Interact with your news feed
  • Get better notifications, alerts, and more
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How it works

Send email to update your Facebook status, post links, share photos, write on a friend's wall, request your news feed, and more. You can also create email alerts to automatically receive your news feed, get birthday reminders, and receive rich email notifications for posts, likes, and comments.
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A note about privacy
TheFriendMail is a comprehensive Facebook app and requires extended permissions to access your data. We deeply respect your privacy and will not share or disclose your personal information.
I prefer to grant fewer permissions and would like access to the core features only Explain this
If you choose to grant fewer permissions, you will still be able to post status updates, receive your news feed, and get notifications for Facebook pages. You can grant additional permissions later if you decide to take advantage of the other features.